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Notes on problematic human nature
What is Homo Reliquiae?

This blog tries to convince you why we humans should be called homo reliquiae instead of homo sapiens (wise man). Homo reliquiae means a “surviving” man. Deep down we are not wise—sapiens—but just ancient remains and relic of our original species, homo heidelbergensis. This blog also tries to convince you that understanding ourselves is possible and that in addition to questions, there are also answers. After 20 years of studying, I have come to the conclusion that the birth of modern human +100.000 years ago virtually meant that we left behind, abandoned, and gave up [relinquere] an important feature, which used to make us mentally adults. Now all adults are just overaged teenagers. Because of this it is completely impossible for us to understand life and its various phenomena. I have no tools to prove this, but my articles offer interesting circumstantial evidence to support this hypothesis.

Modern human is a remnant of Heidelberg man
What makes us human? Is it consciousness? Is it our ability to reach reality? And specifically to reach the reality of other species better? Do we have a purpose? Are we closer to the gods because of that? Because humans represent so…
Where have we come from?
Meanwhile in Africa… Dry and cracked land where nothing grows anymore… Africa probably looked like this after more than 200,000 years of the Saale glaciation about 130.000 years ago. Ice age caused a huge drought during its existence and drove the local homo…

What is Shame

For every teen there will finally come a desire to cut loose from their parents. That is the beginning of the change from childhood to adulthood. However, the imaginings of a young adult can in no way match up to what’s coming.…

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Darwin’s missing chapter?

Some years ago Clive Bromhall wrote in his book The Eternal Child that “The human species cannot grow up”.  By this he meant a scientific fact, not a mocking remark. In his view man has become irrevocably a child and that is a fact characterised…

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Stone tools

The psyche doesn't remain visible in fossils, but it do appear indirectly in stone tools. However, in human evolution, the making of stone tools is not a feature of species, it's a trait of only a few genetically divergent and unfit individuals.…

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Worth watching

The real world by Alan Watts

I have great respect for Alan Watts (1915-73), who is widely known for his books and speeches on Oriental philosophy. He speaks simply and clearly always with the goal of getting the listener to understand the essence of his message. And I think he…

Early scientific experiments

Early scientific experiments with psychedelics were well documented. They showed how the human mind changes, although the real causes of the effects could not be determined. These results are easy to understand just by accepting that the psyche of modern man is…


Chasing the fundamental nature of reality
The power of psychedelics is gaining increasing interest in several fields of science. Some professional philosophers are attracted to the impact of psychedelics on philosophical thinking, particularly on metaphysics, which is the science of the most fundamental questions of knowledge. In the TED speech below Peter Sjöstedt-H digs up the…
Philosophy freaks
How similar were Alan Watts and Ludwig Wittgenstein?