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One of mankind's strangest tacit agreements is that grown-up people call themselves "adults". In fact, they are not adults and they know it for themselves. They are overage teenagers in adult bodies. That is why people tend to speak of constant development and growth. Why they are lying about being adults? Because there are no adults in human world. But there are adult-like creatures outside of it. They are called ANIMALS. However, animals are not our gods, but our pets or slaves even though we worship adulthood in religions. Child-minded we do not fully understand either animals or gods. In religions gods have been ”purified” to meet child's understanding and standards. Nonetheless, animals are more sacred than any of our saints or sacred images.

Homo reliquiae – homo remains Tweet

We fear adulthood in all its forms

It’s time to bring into the open that the real adulthood is a stage of psychic development resulting from a radical change in consciousness. One can get a touch of adulthood through a so-called “mystical experience”. Adulthood should no longer be underground, or anarchist taboo and its true nature should not be neglected. Thousands of years of wild human imagination should be called into question, as there is sufficient scientific knowledge for the correct definitions of real adulthood. It is good to note that religions and mysticism are based on the right observations, even though the full picture is misinterpreted. Interestingly, religions and mysticism are looking for the same answer as archeology and paleoanthropology.

Because there have been no real adults in human communities for ages, man has learned to regard them as the most frightening and suspicious creatures. Therefore, any type of adult behaviour is either ignored, rejected, despised, or even persecuted. Those who claim themselves to understand the real adulthood are usually considered to be low-minded day-dreamers. Those declaring real adulthood are condemned and even executed. He do not know anymore what he is doing when he rely solely on the fragile remains of his childhood mechanisms. He longs for a guide in his life but hates those who know where to go. He’s been taught to despise people thinking or acting independently. His arrogance does not lead him anywhere. He is blind to reality outside his child mind. Society (and in particular education) has brainwashed him to rely on youth, but that’s a trap. Adult nuances such as instincts, gut feelings or sensing weak signals are also rejected. Adulthood is only accepted as a rational, standardised, and encapsulated form of humanity. People can be accepted as artist or priests, but not as adults.

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