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The problems of the English Bulldog are rather easy to demonstrate whereas the problems of the human psyche are not. In the case of man, his problems mean the absence of particular features and therefore are actually invisible and revealed only indirectly. However, both human and dog problems are largely man-made. (Image credit: Science Friday)

As we know, genetic defects can be found everywhere, but especially where a man decides the fates of various species. There are also genetic defects in the psyche. This breeding began when early human-influenced the fate of their own species about 120,000 years ago.

At that time, so-called normal individuals of our species were eliminated. Modern humans grew out of the remaining individuals who carried the mental growth disorder that left them mentally at the level of adolescents. Few people realise that people suffer as much from the psychic problems caused by this so-called genetic drift as English bulldogs, for example, suffer from the consequences of far-reaching breeding. This is directly reflected in all societies as violence and cruelty, oppression, greed, mental health problems, and indirectly e.g. religions, spirituality and longing for nature. As far as the human psyche is concerned, a modern human is as little a product of natural choice as an English bulldog.

Unfortunately, the cause of human problems cannot be shown in X-rays, for example, as evidence of spinal deformities of English bulldog. However, brain images have highlighted the possible deficiency of serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter. Nonetheless, the limitation of science is that something that cannot be detected cannot be scientifically proven, even if it could be inferred indirectly. The human mental growth disorder is precisely the kind of strange thing that must be deduced in the first place. 

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