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This imaginary ”Darwin’s missing chapter” is based on my book Geenivirhe (“Genetic Defect”, which is so far available only in Finnish). The articles of the blog are excerpts from the book, they not covering the whole book but only some parts of it. There are also articles that cannot be found in the book. The subjects are arranged by categories which you find here at the bottom of the page. Articles deal with human nature and also something what Darwin could have written about man, but did not. Even though Darwin was able to eliminate many of the beliefs and even superstition of us humans, not even he managed to open the secrets of our psyche. He noted that the problem “of the first advance of savages towards civilisation is at present much too difficult to be solved”. I believe that if he just had had a similar idea, he could probably have written something like this. However, what makes Darwin’s works so “difficult” for some scientists is the fact that with his theories about man he is also a bit philosopher than “just” a naturalist. He was a thinker, who studied the human world view through nature.

Many articles deal with topics related to religions, and you may think that I despise scientific approach, or that I am a creationist. That is not so. Religions are related to human past in many ways and just as closely as the fossil discoveries. Religions are a lead to our ancient psyche and for that reason it is sheer arrogance to disregard of our religions and what is behind them. Once anthropologists take the human beliefs of the Palaeolithic period seriously, why cannot we do the same for modern human beliefs.

Stay tuned!

Darwin’s amanuensis